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About The program

The Tabletop Mentorship Program was founded in May 2019 to provide a platform for experts in the tabletop industry to share their knowledge, resources, experience, and guidance with other members of the community. The goal of the mentorship program is to grow the collective knowledge, skills, and experiences of the tabletop industry. In July 2020 we established a micro-grants program that aims to help underrepresented creators clear the monetary hurdle associated with creating.

who we Are

Mike Belsole (he/him), Founder and Co-Organizer

As a game designer and member of the tabletop industry, I wouldn't be where I am today without the support and guidance of my mentors. They have had such a positive impact on me and my experiences, and I can't ever repay that kindness. I started this program because I wanted to make it easy to give that opportunity and experience to others. I wanted to pay forward what was given to me so freely and generously. This is a passion project, and the plan is to run it indefinitely as long as there is interest.

You can find Mike on Twitter.

Grace Kendall (they/them), Co-Organizer

I'm the designer of Celestial Stories, part of the Dice & Ink anthology. I'm excited to be part of this program because I believe strongly in the power of encouragement and connection, especially in small communities. Having people who believe in my ideas has made all the difference in feeling welcome and capable both in the tabletop community and in other creative spaces. I hope to help others find those feelings for themselves!

You can find Grace on Twitter or Bandcamp.

Nathan Blades (he/they), Speaker Series Host

I’m Nathan Blades – an androgynous android gameshow host from the future. At least, when on camera. Other times, I’m an independent podcast and livestream producer, focusing on Tabletop RPGs and critical discussion of narrative video games. I also write Tabletop RPG content and voice act – in both my own projects and on commission.

You can find Nathan on Twitter, on Twitch, or at

Heather O'Neill (she/her), Speed Pitching Coordinator

Heather O'Neill is a game designer and freelancer in the tabletop industry. She is also the CEO of 9th Level Games and Manager Director of UNPUB. During 2020, Heather started to run online speed pitching events and now runs 1-2 each quarter. Heather loves to travel, is an avid tennis player and cat lover!

You can find Heather @catphysicist on Twitter or 9th Level @9thlevelgames.

What we stand for and against

The Tabletop Mentorship Program stands firmly with the people and organizations that fight for equality in all its forms. We believe that Black Lives Matter, trans rights are human rights, no person is illegal, and that representation matters. We stand against white supremacy, homophobia, racism, sexism, and any kind of discrimination against those who are not in positions of power in their society. If your values are not consistent with ours, then this organization and its programs are not for you.

Our Code of conduct

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