Join Jason Slingerland and his fellow game design friends as they discuss the ins and outs, and ups and downs of being a game designers in a documentary style. The Building the Game Podcast is published every week.

The Tabletop Mentorship Program partnered with Building the Game Podcast in 2021 and 2022 to connect them with some amazing mentee co-hosts, so listen for Jamie Sabriel Flez, Raven McKenzie, Kiri Bear, and Fernando Cunha!

Break My Game provides a variety of playtesting opportunities in-person and virtually on a weekly and monthly basis ranging in games in the early prototype phase all the way to games ready-for-market. They reduce the barriers to entry into the game design field by providing avenues for in-depth feedback and providing educational resources for designers and aspiring designers on the game design process. Break My Game wants to inspire people of all ages from different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities to get involved with game design as a hobby and career.

Break My Game served as our official playtesting host during our last mentorship session, and they run a fun and well-moderated space.

Looking for a fun community to play games with? Check out Meeps & Peeps, our official game-playing partner!

M&P is a global community where tabletop and board game enthusiasts can meet other peeps, play together, and engage in discussions. Their members regularly host and teach 100+ games every month and we often play on Board Game Arena (BGA), Tabletopia (TTA), Tabletop Simulator (TTS), and other platforms.

This program awards admission and travel stipends to designers who are bringing new vision and underrepresented perspectives to the industry.

New Voices in Gaming and Geoff Engelstein have been kind enough to support our educational Speaker Series since 2020!

Tabletop Network is an annual gathering of tabletop game designers, focused on professional development, networking, and collaboration. Over the course of two days, attendees gain new insights and learn new strategies to help design tomorrow's best games.

The Tabletop Network team has been a huge supporter of the Tabletop Mentorship Program, working with us on our Speaker Series, our roundtable discussions, and our orientations & wrap-up events.