Creator Resources

Looking for more ways to improve or support your work? Check out these resources:

Financial Assistance

  • New Heroes Game Industry Scholarship: a $500 (USD) monetary prize awarded annually to a standout member of the board game community in an underrepresented group

  • I Need Diverse Games Streamer Funding: $250 - $1,000 for people who are Black or PoC and who are new to streaming games or would like to start. Application closes September 15th

  • The Creator's Catalyst Project: professional support for RPG creators with a finished game that needs art, graphic design, and editing

  • The Ald-Amura Historical Society Grant Program: a program to foster fan works and community within the Monster Care Squad/Legends of Ald-Amura fanbase

  • Huetopia Streaming Grant Fund: raising funds to provide mics & webcams for marginalized BIMPoC folks looking to get into TTRPG streaming/podcasting, distributed by Huetopia

  • 1,000 Dreams Fund Twitch BroadcastHER Grant: $500 - $2,000 for women broadcasting on Twitch (priority given to students). Funds can be used to cover travel to gaming conventions and educational conferences, for hardware upgrades, and for instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits.

  • The Pathways Fellowship: a travel stipend, hotel accommodations, food stipend, and Designer Badge to attend Unpub 10 in Baltimore, MD on April 29th – May 2nd, 2021

  • New Voices in Gaming: a scholarship & mentorship that supports diverse tabletop designers attending Tabletop Network Conference in Dallas, TX

  • IGDN Metatopia Diversity Scholarship: a scholarship and mentorship opportunity for those looking to attend Metatopia in Morristown, NJ

  • Big Bad Con Scholarship Fund: funds will go to cover hotel rooms, convention badges, and other necessary fees for financially challenged women, people of color, disabled, and lgbtqia+ individuals to attend Big Bad Con in Burlingame, CA

  • Game On! Grants: $250-$500 to assist a library or libraries in developing gaming programs or collections for their communities. Applications open again in January 2021


  • Board Game Broads Mentorship Program: a mentorship for women and gender non-conforming folks in the tabletop design community, organized through the Board Game Broads Facebook group

  • IGDN Mentorship Program: a mentorship program designed for individuals just getting started as independent game designers; the mentor and mentee will read a series of articles on aspects of the business of game design, and meet with each other via video chat to discuss the topics

  • TGDA Mentor Program: an Australian mentorship for tabletop designers that lasts between 3-5 hours spaced out over a period of time run by Tabletop Game Designers Australia ($50 fee for mentees)

  • IGDA Global Mentorship Program: the program allows for mentees to get advice from people in their field and mentors to practice mentorship and build relationships (for paid IGDA members only)

  • Breakout Con Mentorship Program: a one-day mentorship for board and card game and RPG designers at Breakout Con in Toronto, Canada

Facebook Groups

Resources for Creating Diverse Games

Mental Health Resources

  • Games and Online Harassment Hotline: a free, text message-based, confidential emotional support hotline focused on gamers. Available Monday-Friday, 4-7 Pacific time (US only).

  • Mental Health Resources and Tools: a great page of resources from Take This, a mental health nonprofit decreasing stigma and increasing support for mental health in games. This page compiles resources including crisis lines, therapy resources and self-care tools.

  • CheckPoint: an Australian organization providing mental health support for gamers and the gaming community, with a website full of videos, tools, and resources

Additional Resources